Youth Populations


Providing Political Advocacy and Leadership orientation for Youths active inclusion and participation in National Development Agenda.

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Capacity Building, Policy Advocacy And Research Development


  • Good governance and development
  • Democracy and Youths Development
  • Anti-corruption campaign
  • Public finance and budget
  • Election and voters education
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Food and National Security
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution/Management
  • Labour/Industrial Relations Conflict ( Collective Bargaining)

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Divergent: Against Status Quo

We fashion programmes for the youths in such a way that our youths can learn to stand on their own against the tide of contemporary culture.

Government Participation

Supporting the campaign which sought to reduce the age limit for running for elected office in Nigeria and globally.

Good Governance

We are committed to advocacy for good governance, rule of law and adherence to democratic ethos.

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Membership is open to any one Who is open minded to support youths and human development. Support the aims and objectives of Generation for Change Africa Initiative.